R.A. Jones is a US company, based in Kentucky, part of Coesia International Group. They build industrial machines such as cup filling machines and cartoning machines.
R.A. Jones needed a brand new creative approach to launch three new machines at Chicago Pack Expo 2018.


While leading The Ad Store NYC Office, I worked with R.A. Jones by creating a message for the launch of their three new machines and led the team that executed it in a consistent way through website design, lead generation campaigns, storyboard for video production and booth design, plus an outreach campaign through the press. All of this to increase brand awareness, drive people to visit their booth at Chicago Pack Expo, collect new leads.

Our strategy was based on the main pillars of the company:

  • being part of Coesia;
  • high performing products;
  • strong relationship with customers.

We supported R.A. Jones and also its sister company MGS by helping them clarifying the value added by their machines, through a visual storytelling approach based on symbols and metaphors strongly connected to the main features of each machine.