CREMINI’S is the only Italian Restaurant in NYC offering authentic cuisine from Le Marche region.  The activity started in July 2019. Their Liquor License got approved in January 2020, this is why the Press event took place in February 2020. Signature dishes are Ascolana Olives (in several variations) and Creminis (fried custard).

The restaurant needed a partner to help them improve awareness and engagement, crucial elements for the positioning of the brand as an Authentic Italian Destination for food lovers. Also, they needed some help in terms of education of the American audience about what Cuisine from Le Marche Region is about.


I developed this project as General Manager of The Ad Store NYC. We created a creative and strong communication concept that positioned the brand as the spot of happiness in Brooklyn. The secret of simple happiness lies in Brooklyn, waiting for us to be explored. It also positioned the brand with a more welcoming, familiar and relatable approach.