Fleur Du Mal is a lingerie brand NYC based, founded by Jennifer Zuccarini, former Victoria Secret’s Designer.

I was hired to work with the Usablenet team on the design and implementation of their mobile site, that they wanted to be an innovative digital experience.

We created it in a way that on mobile people could browse and buy products, and that it was possible for the brand to create virtual pop-up stores based on specific zip codes. Through this virtual pop-up store feature, Fleur du Mal had the chance to develop and launch virtual events and share backstage videos only to the people who were physically located on specific areas of the city, and give them the chance to grab discount codes.

This project was developed in 2013, and it was a very innovative approach for that time. Press such as WWD, Retail Touch Points, Tech Crunch published review of the Fleur du Mal Mobile Site. The project also won the Retail System Awards as Mobile Retailer of the Year in 2013.