During the Holiday Season 2018, Moleskine rebranded their Passion Journals and decided to focus their in-store US campaign on this product line. The Moleskine US team needed help to create the campaign and this is where we met.

Italian design As A Perfect Gift

I developed this project as General Manager of The Ad Store NYC.

I was the team leader of the crew who designed and implemented the campaign. The idea was based on the symbol of the gift box, which is recognized by everybody as important element of the Holidays and linked to the concept of sharing, joy, happiness, family and friends.

The campaign was design to be an installation for each of the 12 branded stores that Moleskine owns in the US.

Working with a team half Italian and half American, we supported Moleskine in the creation of a campaign that combined perfectly the simplicity and minimalism that make Moleskine such an iconic brand, with the way of thinking of the American community.
The final result spoke clearly to the American audience, driving more traffic in-store thanks to the installation.