Parmacotto’s core business is in the production of cooked ham (prosciutto cotto) and its core value lays in using top quality products that are 100% made in Italy, which is the focus of its product launch in the United States market.

Parmacotto, LLC results from the acquisition of Cibo Italia, LLC, established 10 years ago to sell Italian “salumeria” (cold cuts and cured meals) in the US market to both large-scale retail and traditional delicatessens. They called The Ad Store, the agency I was leading, to support them to communicate to the US market their presence and build brand awareness.

Buyers, journalists, and Fancy Food Show 2019 attendees got the opportunity to taste the Parmacotto product line, which includes all cooked and roasted hams, as well as a wide variety of products: from traditional salamis to ready-to-eat cold cuts. Parmacotto’s core business and value is in using top quality products that are 100% made in Italy, which is the focus of the United States product launch. All of this was shared with journalists who got invited to the brand’s booth at Fancy Food for one to one interviews with the CEO and President of the company. Some of the magazines that joined Parmacotto and wrote about them are Deli Market News, Gourmet News, Specialty Foods Magazine, Sapore Magazine, Italian Food, Huffington Post.

The communication approach involved also the presence of Lou Di Palo, a well known name in the world of food in the US. The Saturday before Summer Fancy Food 2019 in NYC, we organized an event partnering with him to introduce the brand and their product line. The goal was to engage with the Press in a proactive and effective way, focusing on the Italian meaning of togetherness around great food and interesting conversations.