Pizzarotti is an Italian company, well known in the US for their construction projects in the residential and hospitality spaces. 

They needed some help to redesign their digital presence to make it less chaotic and to make it mobile optimized.

I was involved in this project as General Manager of The Ad Store. We worked with Pizzarotti by creating a consistent digital presence, easily accessible on any screen. The goal was to give to the brand anything they needed to show their projects to potential clients and partners, by showcasing their expertise and professionalism with a strong focus on their attention to the people who then will be living/working/staying on those buildings.

Our approach was based on their mission: ” Our mission as a world-class construction company is to consistently deliver quality services and create value for our clients.”

We supported Pizzarotti by creating a portfolio section with a dynamic update of the page based on the filters that get applied. This allows users to search by location, project category and status.

We created also a brand new digital area for their new born real estate portfolio.