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Using design to change management education: radical innovation vs entertaining facelift (2017) - Monica Calcagno, Daniela Pavan Department of Management Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, Italy

Design for designers or design for managers? Reporting from the frontier between design and management (2017) - Monica Calcagno, Daniela Pavan-Department of Management Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, Italy

Interviews to women in technology – “Meet the geek” 



Speech "Next Steps Venice" - December 2021 - Ca' Foscari University, Venice (Italy)

Podcaster at the Creative Pois-On Podcast - October 2019 to today

Women, Creativity and Innovation - Treviso Creativity Week - November 7th 2020 - Virtual Speech (in Italian)

Press Conference WALLABE Street Art Festival – September 2020 – Rovigo (Italy)

Speech “The courage of the Venetians” – July 25th 2019 - GR Art Gallery in New York

Launch of Ca’ Foscari University – NYC Chapter – June 14th 2019 – Italian Consulate in New York

Speech “Design and Creativity as Drivers for Innovation” – October 10th 2018 – Ca’ Foscari University (Venice, Italy)


Training “Design your NEXT level communication strategy” – April 2018 – Italy America Chamber of Commerce NYC (US)

Speech “A conversation between art and digital” – April 11th 2018 – Ca’ Sagredo Hotel Venice(Italy)

Lecture: “Music, Business and communication: Three worlds in one. How to design successful strategies” -
February 22nd 2018- La Scuola d’Italia Guglielmo Marconi NYC (US)

Speech “New communication trends: the art of building a successful communication approach through digital”
September 12th 2017 – Rotary Club Treviso (Italy)


Video 1 “Research project Manage Design in Contexts of Innovation”
and Video 2 for the same research  - Ca' Foscari University (Venice, Italy)

Speech and lecture: “Design Thinking to redesign the Museum Experience” – April 7th 2017 – Foundation Querini
Stampalia Venice (Italy)

Speech: “Digital Innovation and its impact on Art and Culture in Italy. New skills for people working in Cultural and Creative Industries.” – 2017 - Venice (Italy)


Speech and event: “Hosting Culture” – February 8th 2017 – Venice (Italy)

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January 30th and 31st 2017 – Paris Mines Tech University – Paris (France)

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Speech: “How to be an Eco Girl Geek”- Event: “Girl Geek Dinner Milan #12” – 2010 – Milan (Italy)