Business Coaching

Coaching starts by declaring a powerful future. Let me help you realize your business goals and achieve success.

Digital for Business

In such an incredibly crowded digital world, let me help you identify the best channels to make your business stand out.

Effective Communication

Convey information to other people effectively and efficiently can be challenging. Let's work together for a more assertive approach in business and life.

Branding & Marketing

Creating a detailed marketing plan, determining a business's marketing message, and identifying the appropriate marketing mix are not easy tasks: let's work together to make marketing work for your success.

Design Thinking

Thinking like a designer can transform the way we develop products, services, processes and strategies. Let's identify together how to apply it to your business as win-win model.

International Markets

Positioning a product or a service in a different market means connecting with different local communities. Let me help you define the best strategies and partners for your success.


IKIGAI, Creative Confidence, Storytelling, ... Ready to inspire your team to innovate? I can help you develop a culture of innovation and get you started implementing your great ideas today.

Personal Branding

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur, an artist or an athlete, cultivating a personal brand has become more important than ever. Let's work on yours together.

Think Like An Artist

Bringing Art within a Business ecosystem means activating creative processes according to the logic of artistic production, gathering benefits in terms of strategic and technical innovation, but also accepting and learning to manage the complexity of a way of thinking different from the corporate one. Curious to explore it?