Daniela possesses the ultimate “can do” attitude while taking on all tasks with a positive energy and a smile. Her upbeat personality and engaging personal style enabled her to interact effectively with clients. She is very well organized, meticulous, hard-working, trustworthy, and has a genuine interest in end user experiences and technological advances in ecommerce and social media.” – Elsa Linhan, Learning & Development Manager at Macfarlanes

Daniela is a real expert about branding and delivers excellent levels of insight, analysis and recommendations that were crucial to build and position correctly my brand. She is also a great communicator who was able to come into the business, deeply understand it and clearly explain to the whole team what we needed.”  – Hellen Barlow, Co- Founder and CEO of Modishliving

What impressed me about Daniela from the start was her creative energy, willingness to listen to the customer’s concerns and provide business oriented solutions. She is a strategic thinker, with a wide experience in social media marketing and digital PR. Reliable, punctual, attentive with a great capacity to work in team, she’s a true professional and a pleasure to work with!”  – Natalia Borri, President at The AdStore Italy and US

Daniela’s digital marketing expertise, and social media focus specifically has created a lot of value for Usablenet.” – Carin Van Vuuren, CMO at Usablenet

LinkedIn Recommendations:

I had the opportunity to work with Daniela for several months at Fastweb: she is passionate, strong-willed, she faces every new challenge with entrepreneurial attitude but always relying on deep knowledge of “what is coming next” in terms of market evolutions. I was impressed also by the strong support to sustainability and innovation that she applied to one of the projects she planned for the company. And she never gives up.It has been a pleasure to work with her, she is the kind of colleague I would always like to be in team with.” – Elena Cocchi, PM at Fastweb

It was a great pleasure to have Daniela aboard GoCV25, my fundraising project related to the sailing race challenge from San Francisco to New York I embraked upon in 2014. She showed a great deal of dedication, passion and professionalism from inception to completion and contributed in building a successful website in a very short time. Daniela is a reliable and trustworthy professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to have her again aboard for future projects.” – Alessandra Iacovella, Architect

Daniela has been such a fantastic help for me, both in social media guidance and making videos for my website. I know I can always ask her advice on anything related to my website, whether it’s little tweaks or big changes and she’ll have the answers. She’s my guru and go-to person for anything related to promoting my business.” – Michelle Newitt, Personal Trainer

I met Daniela through the Girl Geek Dinners project for women and technology, in Milan. She performed a speech focused on how to sustainable and geek at the same time, topic that I really enjoyed. From there, we kept in touch and had several conversations about sustainability. Full of energy and passionate about her job, Daniela is always ready to start new projects putting her entrepreneurial spirit at work. She has also a very structured mind and is able to perfectly translate ideas into business and project plans. And when the topic is the environment, she is always ready to support and take action. It was very interesting working with her on projects related to sustainability, thanks to her skills as well as love for the planet!” – Marinella Scarico, Girl Geek Dinners, Milan Team

It was my great pleasure to have Daniela as part of my team. Together we delivered several complex projects across multiple verticals, each having it’s own unique challenges from a technical delivery and stakeholder management perspective. One of Daniela’s key strengths is her ability to establish a strong rapport with clients and team members in a very short period of time. This is coupled with an infectious enthusiasm for her work, the ability to think laterally when required and genuine desire to deliver the best possible outcome for her clients. Naturally entrepreneurial at heart and very savvy about digital trends and marketing opportunities, she is commercially astute and approaches project delivery pragmatically and methodically, even when placed in very high pressure environments. Daniela is a person of great integrity and I hope to work with her again in the future.” – Rob McColl, Project Manager at Usablenet

3 words to describe Daniela: hardworker, problem solver & team builder. She works always with passion, open to change approach and determination. We worked together for social strategy start-up and, I think, that her skills made the difference. Proactive & fair she is a very special co-worker.” – Alessia Ambrosio, People Manager at Fastweb

I enjoyed working with Daniela for the launch of the brand new digital television service for Mediaset. I was impressed by her ‘roll-up the sleeves’ attitude that, combined with her focus and ability to work with people with different backgrounds, made her a strong member of our team. She has a passion for new technologies and for building great user experiences.” – Davide Turi, Project Manager at Mediaset

I worked with Daniela in the early time of the digital television. She was a new hire and she has a strong motivation, a self-learning attitude, and she payed attention to details. It was nice working with her, both for her ability to work with teams and people with different skills, and for her positive energy.” – Elisabetta Schiatti, UX Designer at Digitas LBi

“I had the opportunity to learn more about Daniela while working with her on an Innovation contest in 2011. On that occasion, Daniela emerged thanks to her excellent project management skills. She is strongly goal oriented, she has great planning capabilities and she’s a real team leader. It’s a pleasure working with her.” – Nadia Lamarra, Marketing Manager at Fastweb